Course Overview

What is Fine Line Tattooing?

Fine line tattoos are dainty, delicate and often subtle tattoos, deposited into the skin in the same way as traditional style one. The main difference between these and a typical tattoos is the needles that are used. Fine line tattoos are created with needles that range from a 1RL to around a 7RL.  Many people ask if a fine line tattoo will last as long as a traditional one and the general answer is yes. Whilst they may require an initial touch up session or a re-boost after a few years, the same ink is used as a traditional tattoo which makes them just as permanent. How long the tattoo will last will be completely dependent on the skill, the area tattooed, the skin quality and the lifestyle of your client.

Entry requirements
You must already be qualified or certified in SPMU and be 18 or over.

3 days practical in academy and online theory.

Day 1 - Learn how to navigate your way round Pro Create

Day 2 - Skin Practice

Day 3 - Demo Model & Student Models

Course Structure
Your comprehensive hands-on training will be supervised by highly skilled and experienced trainers in small groups to maximize retention of knowledge. You will see demonstrations before moving onto models. Plenty of time is allocated to this part of the training, so that you are confident to practice independently afterwards

If you are unable to provide models, please let us know upon booking so we can assist with alternative options.

Dress Code
To meet industry standards a professional beauty uniform or scrubs are our preferred option. If you are yet to purchase salon/clinic uniform, plain black clothing is acceptable. Long sleeves must be rolled up to prevent cross contamination, jewellery must be removed, hair should be tied up, therefore nails must be kept short and tidy, and all shoes must be closed toe. Flip flops are not suitable.

Course Cost: £1800.00

Click here to book or if you have any further questions, please contact us on  01206 234972 or alternatively 07377 740067.

BW Beauty & Aesthetics Academy Limited, Colchester, Essex


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